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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 7th

The news and current events board is an opt in board. You have to opt in for it on the main control panel.

jacquelinemarie82 - Congratulations on starting BCP! That is a good step forward! That tells me also that likely you will be ready for an early July ER and ET.

doodle19 - Glad your having a good time!

slimy72 - Yay on moving forward!! I bet your body will do great too! I am glad you were able to go back into that room. I know I have had times like that in my past where I had to deal with things like that. Last summer I dealt with some boxes of stuff that we had and just boxed up from after when I lost my daughter. It was like opening a time capsule but I am glad I opened it now. Also with Sunday being International bereaved mother's day, I watched a video of my daughter that I hadn't really watched for years. I think the hardest part for me was hearing the dates. The last video we have of her is December 28 (2006) and she died January 5 (2007). She was playing in her baby gym and it was hard to believe that she had basically a week to live.

finleyjudemommy - Good luck on Thursday! And I would be willing to bet money on your ER being before the 18 if your on day 3 of stims. Especially if your already feeling it! Yikes!

JCPACandMommy - I am sorry your having to watch that. I am glad your mind is off the 2ww though!

AFM - Well my teeth are clean and last night the alarm didn't go off. So all is well here! I went grocery shopping this morning and that was fun! I thought I was doing well then I got to the last store and I hit my budget. We are trying to stick to a budget of under $150 a week for groceries. I think once the CSA (fruit and veggies) kicks in we will be able to do it, but right now we are going to be slightly over. I still need to get 2 gallons of milk (at least) from the farmer this week. However it did make me feel good to hear that the regular grocery store charges $6 a gallon for milk and I get my raw milk for $6.50 a gallon. So that is good.
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