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Originally Posted by Bella Catalina
I have read that the longer it takes AF to return PP, the more likely a woman is to return to full fertility immediately, so I'd tend to agree with the PP that it doesn't seem right, but most of us know of women with babies less than 14mths apart who were conceived "while BFing".

For me, AF has returned at 6mths PP both times, even while the "4 rules" of LAM hold true. We bed share, delay solids, EBF on demand, no pacis etc, and no sleeping more than 4 hours, yet I still get AF. However, I tend to have 2 or 3 6-8 week anovulatory cycles, then start ovulating, but have a 3-5 day LP until I stop nursing (and even then LP is about 6-8 days long with my LPD). So technically, I'm not fertile while BFing, but I still have to watch my chart or we may end up with another surprise.

This baby on the way is a FAM failure. User error, though. Dietary changes (paleo/Whole30) healed my late ovulation and LPD immediately (as in within one cycle), enabling us to conceive from an O-6 on CD9 with sticky CM. Yeah, I'm still scratching my head. I suspected my LP might lengthen, but expected it to take 2-3 cycles to see a difference. Not so .
I wonder what I could have done to change my luteal phase this cycle. For years I ovulated CD19 on a 28day cycle (or when my cycles were 25days on cd 17). I ended up ovulating on cd15, with last unprotected sex on cd12. I was floored. No big diet or lifestyle changes I can think of.
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