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I'm on my 4th kid, but only 3rd pregnancy, so maybe it's different...but, I can still wear regular clothes now at 28 weeks. Jeans and tshirts are usually what I wear. I still fit just as well as before pregnancy but I choose to wear maternity jeans because the big panel helps hide the fluffiness into a bump. Lol. Like, it holds up and tucks in that belly pouch at the bottom of my belly. I also sometimes choose to wear a fitted undershirt made of the same material as the panel for double "spanx" action! But it gets pretty hot like that in this summer weather.

So, I can still fit into regular clothes, but I feel more comfortable in maternity. With that said though, I never actually stopped wearing maternity clothes from my last pregnancy and my twins will be two in June! Lol. I think they are just way more comfortable than regular jeans and with my fluff and my non-need to impress everyone/anyone I see nothing wrong with me continuing to wear comfy pants. Nobody can tell because I don't wear tight fitting shirts either.
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