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Re: How long to wear soft soled shoes?

Originally Posted by Janine View Post
I'm not sure. I know both brands strive to keep an open top area to allow toe splaying, but I have narrow feet myself. Vibram has a few models designed with wider feet in mind, and the Speed (which is available in kids sizes) is one of them, but I don't know if they would be wide enough.

I think that might be somewhat common. I was really excited to see that they had kids sizes, but I worry my kids will feel the same. It took me a while to adjust to the toe thing myself, but I really wanted to so I went with it and it is great now. But I know that if I gave a pair to my daughter she probably wouldn't go for it either. I'm still considering the Vivobarefoot for her, but it will be a few years before she fits into their kids sizes.
Dh can wear the Fila Skeletoes (which also come in kids sizes) and he is the one who gave Tharen the super wide and thick feet. I'm just not sure Tharen would tolerate something between his toes like that. I would love a pair myself, or the Vibrams (we started with the Skeletoes just to see what he thought of them) but I can't wear them at all because my second and third toes are connected to the first joint and I am not going to have surgery just so I can wear a particular style of shoe. I actually kind of like my weird "connecty toes". Right now the boys only wear sneakers if they really really have to. Other wise they are in rope sandals or flip flops but neither are ideal for park play so I was thinking if I could find something that would work for everything it would be great. Kearnan likes his converse sneakers but Tharen obviously can't wear them because they are so narrow.

I saw these while looking around on Amazon and may try something like this. I like the split toe style and may try them for myself as well. They would be convenient for TKD days since I hate flip flops. Or I may just order some Soft Star mocs. The price really isn't too bad for one pair of shoes a year (the boys don't grow that fast these days).
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