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R first and R middle name???

I'm surprised I'm asking for name help. We always use family names for middle names. This is our last baby. If it is a girl, I really want to name her after my sister for her middle. (We have other people, but we strongly prefer to name her after my sister.) The first name I want is Rebecca. So, it would be:

Rebecca Rachel

I'm not sure about the two R's in a row. Originally, I was wanting Amanda Rachel, which I like just fine. (I don't love Rachel as a middle in general, but I want to honor my sister.) I was having twins again, identical, and hoping for girls so I could use both names (different middle with Rebecca, but I don't prefer that person with only one person left that we can honor.)

Now, I have to chose one Amanda or Rebecca. I like Rebecca better.

What do you think of 2 R's in a row for names? Our last is an F.

(And, after all this, I hope it's a girl! )
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