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Re: Gay or Lesbian Family?

There are a few lesbian single moms here, a few lesbian couples where both partners (or spouses, depending on where they are) are members, & a few lesbians who are partnered, but the SO isn't necessarily on DS. Just for clarification, I'm using the term "lesbian" loosely to identify women who are currently in a same-sex relationship &/or women who are predominantly seeking a s-s relationship; there's also been at least one couple on here where one partner was trans, I think. Some have donor babies, some have babies from previous/other relationships; there doesn't seem to be much uniformity to that. I find DS to generally be a pretty supportive/accepting place, even though there are a large number of members who are pretty much conservative/traditional in their own lives.

I do, however, find that the number of LGBTQ members is way below that magic 10%...I'm not sure why that is, though. As a matter of fact, DP & I know quite a few CDing LGBT-led families, but none of them are on here (or any of the other CDing sites, AFAIK). Most of the people we know who CD IRL are lesbian-led families...the proportion on DS seems to be almost inverse to what I've experienced IRL.
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