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Re: Questions Up! Tester Slots Open for Sassafras Diapers

Originally Posted by weesej View Post
Sounds good. I have always had trouble with my Newborns too, not necessarily with these dipes, but just that even dipe with a cut out tend to rub the cord and cause bleeding. Maybe I need to try some new NB dipe though! I am interested to see how it will fit on a newborn big was he?? And congrats!!! Glad he is here.
His cord fell off last night so he's wearing the new tester diaper right now. He was 8lbs 7oz when he was born and has already gained a few ounces. The pocket does fit him, although the one sized insert was too big for the pocket when buttoned on the smallest rise. (I used one of our inserts instead for this reason) I believe many make two sized inserts (small and large) for one sized diapers. Rather than making two sized pockets, you could make two sized inserts. As babies grow, the smaller insert can be used as a doubler. (If you want to try that and have us test it let me know).
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