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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Let's get to know each other! I'll start:

Name?: Danielle

Age?: 29

Children?: 1 girl...finding out the 25th what this LO will be!!

Occupation?: Registered Nurse Insurance Reviewer (mostly from home!!) Yay!

Favorite color?: Purple

Favorite food?: Anything with chicken!!

Hobbies?: Cake Decorating, Photography, Swimming, Shopping, playing with my 2.5yr old!

Number of months TTC?: 2 this time!!

How many babies do you want?: I was thinking 3, but I've had a super hard pregnancy so far, with a 9 day stay in the hospital and weeks of taking Zofran to stop the N/V. So I think this will be our last biological child. We may fostor or adopt!

Type of birth planned?: Hospital with the best OB/GYN team EVER!! I'm new to their practice (my family physician stopped delivering *sad*) but they have gone above and beyond!! They call you personally if you have questions during and after office hours!!

Blog/website?: I'm boring and only have FB and Pinterest, I do have a blog I neglected when DD came!!

Anything else you want to share?: I was a Pediatric RN so I have a wealth of knowledge I love to share, some of which I try to remain impartial with but after seeing the things I've seen it's sometimes hard to watch the extremes parents go to! But as parents, we all must go with our "parental" instincts and hope it's right or follow some guidance!!

Congrats Everyone!! I'm due October 10th by my calculations and by ultrasounds September 26th!! My DD's birthday is September 25th!!
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