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Re: I want to give up the fight! vent

Originally Posted by mabelino View Post
I've honestly thought about that! Just not finding someone for sure, and going to the hosp my insurance has.... But I'm afraid of what they'll have to assume I have and force me to I could have xyz disease. Or having to keep the baby longer to verify it doesn't have certain defects..
But you have had prenatal care. If you say "I just moved and haven't had the time to find a NEW doctor" you should be fine. Basically, the oneinfo you'll be omitting is HOW you birthed your previous 2 children. If they ask you can say they were uncomplicated, which I assume they were, they just came out the belly instead of the vag. Then after the baby is born they should have time to call over to verify your records and then whoops! they may discover the c-sections but too late! Plus they can't force you into anything, though they can sure try.

Even if you have a doctor you can still walk into any ER and they have to care for you.

I'm sorry you're in this situation to begin with But pleasekeep trying- it may feel futile now but you'll be thankful you did everything you could when this is all said and done. Good luck!

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