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Re: Babywearing in Pregnancy?

sorry i don't have pics, but was just wearing my 2.5 yr old ds in our kinderpack last night and i'm almost 38 weeks. i can't do it for long, he's heavy! but the good news is, unless we're out walking around somewhere (and dh wears him for that sort of thing now, i just can't, we're both too big ), he generally just goes in the carrier when he's being SUPER cranky, and daddy isn't around to distract him. he hangs out there for about 5 minutes (literally long enough for me to start boiling some rice on the stove) and then wants down, and is totally content afterwards. earlier in the pregnancy, i wore him a lot more often and for longer periods of time, it's just as i've gotten so much further along that it's gotten so difficult.

jury is still out on whether i prefer strap above the bump or strap below, i kind of switch off depending on how i feel. it feels a lot more secure above the bump, but i have a lot of issues with nausea in pregnancy, and having that weight there sort of exacerbates that, so lately i've been going back to below the bump.
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