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Re: What no one tells you about a miscarriage - graphic

I wish this thread was around when I had my first m/c it was at 13w 5d. I had NO clue what to expect. I asked the docs in the ER what to expect but they weren't much help. My experience was VERY similar to the OP, horrible contractions, having to actually push the baby out and LOTS of blood. I probably should have gone back to the ER because I was go sit on the toliet and the blood would just poor out, I was light headed too. I had my 2nd m/c at 5w 5d, this one was much less tramatic. Partly because I knew what to expect and because the baby wasn't as big, so less painful contractions, less blood,ect.

I hope this thread will help anyone who is going through this. HUGS for all the mama's who have been through the pain of m/c or are going through it.
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