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Re: West Virgina *miff*... slight rant.

UPDATE: I saw a local CNM that accepts Medicaid and works with my old hospital. She was pretty reasonable, tho I did not offer any more information that she requested, she did ask me outright if I was still nursing *at all* which I said yes to. (She did not respond or make a note at that time, but her expression said "oh, that's bad.) *sigh* She was ok with skipping the Glucose test, and said she wants to run a Titer/immunity blood test. She didn't bring up vaccinating, but I expressed an interest in the results of the test, stating that I have shown little immunity in the past even after receiving shots, and I don't think she'll have a problem with me not getting shots if I can show I have had them in the last 5 years.

Originally Posted by Melmonkey View Post
and could you possibly have an oops delivery at came so fast that you could not make it to the hospital
I mentioned my very quick labors (4.5 and 2.5 hours) as a pre-cursor in case of this. She did ask "are you planning to have a homebirth?" and I said "that will depend on being able to afford it." to which she replied "midwives will usually work with you." so she doesn't seem bothered by the idea that she would not be delivering my baby.

Originally Posted by MomdeIsla View Post
Many people don't realize that providers of medicaid that see children are audited and get penalized if they are not exceeding a certain % of children fully they are doing what they must to protect their jobs and families.....I'm one of those providers....and my kids were vaccinated on a delayed type schedule (we had private ins.)

I hope you find a local CNM that can help you. Good Luck!
THanks! I hope so too. and I know Dr's are not bad people, they are usually doing what they think is best for both you and their livelihood. I just wish more of them had the ability to buck the system without losing thier jobs...

Originally Posted by zaeaton View Post
I would recommend bringing a letter to the hospital stating you don't want any vaccines for your newborn at the hospital. There are websites online that can give you sample letters. I did this with my daughter as FL is a VERY vaccine happy state, and all went well and we avoided that Hep B and Vit K shot.
Having mentioned my employment at said hospital in the past, I will just state that this particular place has a history of calling in CPS if a mother refuses medical treatment. Tho, from what the CNM said, she has been working to change policy for the last few years and has it moving in a better direction.

Originally Posted by Libdisney View Post
I'm down in the Chas WV area, but I feel your pain. As I have considered this birth I keep coming back to, "I wish I lived somewhere with better options." I've been reminded that change is consumer ask for what you want.
*very* good point. I am balancing asking for what I want with keeping my cards close to my chest. IT's interesting that you are in a similar place. So sad that we live in the US and have to choose between possibly hazardous hospital birth, or possibly hazardous unnasissted homebirth due to lack of good / lisenced midviwes. Tell me more about what your choices look like?

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