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The doctor I like said the number of C-Sections is a case by case decision and that he'd tell us his opinion during this section on how it looks. I like his philosophy but the entire practice besides him is horrible! They act like babies are a curse or disease or something. They've made me see the others during prenatal appts and WOW! At my last appt- the first thing I was asked was, " What are your plans for not getting pregnant again". It wasn't , "How are you? How are things going? Are you getting excited with only 8 more weeks left!" so I answered weirdly, "condoms?" because of how rude they were and they retorted," No, permanent solution , like getting your tubes tied???" Honestly, I went home and am actively looking for a back up surgeon in another town. If for some reason I am unable to have the surgeon of my choice in this practice, we are driving far away!! I will not let anyone else in that practice touch me! If I go to that hospital, the policy is whoever is there from his practice has to deliver me. The atitudes here are appalling!
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