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Re: 3+ c-sections- please share stories and info!

All five of mine have been c/s and my OB was clear to me from the first appointment that it is not her decision on what size my family will be. You need to find a new Dr. ASAP!!! My OB has been unbelievable, I am seriously blessed.....she told me she will always tell me the risks and that the risk goes up with every c/s a person has.....but it is *my* decision. While we did have concern about a previa or accreta for this last pregnancy, it was carefully monitored and turned out to not be an issue. All of my c/s have been complication free and the recoveries have been easier than many of my friends who have had vaginal births.

Bottom line, there is no hard and fast rule on the number of sections you can have....but you need to find a doctor who supports you....not his own agenda. I feel very lucky that my Dr has become a very close friend that I trust with life and death decisions. Don't be afraid to go elsewhere until you're comfortable with your provider.
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