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Rib Pain?!

This pain is driving me crazy!! I had it with my first pregnancy too, but not nearly this bad and not for as long.

It aches on my right side in the middle of my back, and wraps around to above my belly (under my boob) in the front. It's a dull ache, but pretty intense if that makes sense. No position helps it, it happens every day for the majority of the day. The only thing that relieves it at all is to lay flat on the floor, and that only helps for a few minutes. It's waking me up at night and keeping me from getting things done during the day. It's worse if I'm standing/walking. If I'm sitting, I have to change positions every few seconds just to keep it from hurting too badly.

It's sore when I wake up from baby being bunched up in it I guess. Then after I've moved around I'm fine for a couple of hours, and then it hurts on and off for the rest of the day and through the night.

Has anyone else ever had this? What is it? What do I do? I asked my midwife briefly about it at my last appointment but I didn't really express how bad it is so I think she just thought it was a normal muscle cramp...but it's not!

I'm 37 weeks so I could deliver at any time. With dd1 it went away as soon as she was born, so I don't really want to schedule an appointment and then end up having her before it. But at the same time this is driving me crazy and really interfering with my ability to do anything!

What would you do? Sorry if this seems jumbled, I'm just so exhausted from this stupid rib!!
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