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Exclamation MMARO!! Rainforest babies, Mommy's Touch, Tiny Tush Elite

All diapers come from pet friendly, smoke free home. No inserts are included unless noted. Please PM for faster response or additional questions.
I am open for trades or reasonable offers. Oh Katy, Rumparooz and *maybe med FB's ((try me)) snaps only
I line dry, so these diapers have only seen the inside of a dryer a handful of times, if at all.
Cleaning out my stash and re upping with some brands that work better for us ((hints hoping to trade))

SOLD - RaR Monster print, purchased used about 8 weeks ago and just dont love the print like I thought I would. No stains, PUL and snaps all EUC. $16ppd
Would LOVE to trade this for the Ladder or Lux print

BubuBebeOS pocket, euc, no issues whatsoever, hardly used. The inner is some kind of bamboo or velor? Super soft. Not a fan of this print and I just dont reach for it anymore. $9ppd

Med OS WAHM etsy pocket. Groovy Guitars print. There is some wear on this diaper, points at the seams where the fabric is starting to show distress, nothing that has effected function. Inner is either bamboo or velor? A super soft inner either way!! GUC $8ppd (diaper was just out of the wash in this pic, I do line dry, so it looks a little crunchy here)

Mommy's Touch Berry colored pocket, snap over rise. EUC. No stains, elastic, PUL and snaps are in perfect order. The pocket is open at both ends for easy stuffing and easy outs for inserts in wash. I purchased this used off fsot and never used it, just making room for something I will reach for. (this is either a Med or OS) I will double check. $9ppd

Rainforest Babies, Med, snaps, elastic, PUL all in GUC... no stains. purchased used off fsot, I do have a random snap in liner that I can include with this. This is a cover without that snap in. $7ppd

SOLD -Pink Ruffle, Medium WAHM pocket side snapping diaper purchased new by me off an etsy shop. This doesnt fit my baby anymore and Im sad to see it go. Elastic is still very tight, PUL and snaps are great, no stains. EUC. $9ppd

Pink Tiny Tush Elite OS - Minor pilling near tag on side of the diaper, inner is also pilly. Inner is not bright white, no stains. Elastic is loose, but functionable, snaps are great and no issues with the PUL. $9ppd

SOLD - Purple Med. Bootyful Boutiqe side snapping. This diaper does come with a snap in liner, I beleive its bamboo, very thick and still soft, there are no stains, elastic is really tight and no PUL issues. $8ppd

SOLD - Alva Pink minky OS, purchased new, used less than six times. EEEUC. No issues, at all. $7ppd

SOLD - Mommy Touch Paris print pocket, Id venture to say this is a med/large, the tag is too faded to see, no insert, EEUC, no stains, elastic and PUL are near perfect $7ppd

SOLD Sunbaby Apple Print, inner is still soft, no stains, PUL and snaps are in EUC. Minor pilling on outter edge near 'sunbaby' tag. I dont reach for this diaper ever but loved the print. $7ppd

Motherhood is not a hobby, its a calling, you do not collect children because they are cuter than stamps, Its not something to do if you can squeeze the time in, its what god gave you time for. ~E. Anderson

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