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Re: What no one tells you about a miscarriage - graphic

Omg, i just had a horrible experience. By dates i should be 11 weeks but the baby never measured more than 6 weeks with only a fetal pole. A week ago, saturday i had soe light brown spotting, then monday i had some pink spotting. Then friday i had what i would called light period bleeding, then saturday it turned into brown, but enough to need a pad. Well sat/sun night/morning i got oldest dd home from her band trip at 1 am. I went to lay back down and felt like i was peeing myself. I ran to the bathroom and it was blood, just pouring out. That continued for hours, i went through a whole box of super pads and 6 panties in 3 hrs. I couldn't sit up cause i would get dizzy, or shake, or get nauseas. There were a bunch of clots. There wasn't a lot of cramps or ctx or even pain, but i had taken a hydrocodine when it started. After i used up all the pads i remembered i had some of those blue bed pads from the hospital in the kids closet, that i used when they had tummy issues. I went and got those and started just laying on them. At 3 i texted my dh that i wasn't doing good. I am home alone right now cause he works out of town. After that i got up one more time and i believe i passed the sac, it felt different than all the other clots, and then i think i must have passed out in the bathroom, i was on the floor. When i got back up it was 4 am. I got back in bed on a potty pad the bleeding has slowed considerably.
like i said not a huge amount of pain but all the blood was uncontrollable. Luckily the kids did not wake up, my bathroom looked like a murder scemecause some times i didn't get to the toilet fast enough.
I hope this is over now.
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