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Happy Mother's Day everyone!! I hope you all have a beautiful day!

I have been checking the first page of this thread everyday wondering where everyone was and just realized that you had replied on the second page. I feel so dingy sometimes.

Watermelon--oh my dear what a beautiful family you have! And you look great! Sorry your daughter is giving you a hard time sometimes. I can't imagine DD as a 10 yo but I know the time does go so quickly and somehow seems to speed up all the time. My heart ached a little reading your post about her once chubby cheeks.

Julia-- Yea I think a lens with a low/wide aperture is going to be your friend if you like that blurry background look. You can still shoot on auto. I do that for the same reason as you and I'm learning but am anything other than professional! Thanks for the info/advice on the book!

We had DS and DD's birthday party yesterday. It was just a cookout at our house with family and a handful of friends and their kids. I like to keep it pretty simple. it was an honor to have everyone in one place celebrating my babies. a good day. I'll share pictures when I get back to the computer.

OT-does anyone have a blog? I love reading them and these are my favorites:

Please share your faves or your personal blog!! Id love to take a look. I'd like to start one and have many times but never posted to it. Sometimes it felt too personal or silly or I just wondered who would want to read about my life but I think I just have to decide why I feel compelled to do it and just go for it if you have one why do you enjoy it?

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