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Re: What no one tells you about a miscarriage - graphic

Originally Posted by ohgirlohboyohno View Post
Omg, i just had a horrible experience. By dates i should be 11 weeks but the baby never measured more than 6 weeks with only a fetal pole. A week ago, saturday i had soe light brown spotting, then monday i had some pink spotting. Then friday i had what i would called light period bleeding, then saturday it turned into brown, but enough to need a pad. Well sat/sun night/morning i got oldest dd home from her band trip at 1 am. I went to lay back down and felt like i was peeing myself. I ran to the bathroom and it was blood, just pouring out. That continued for hours, i went through a whole box of super pads and 6 panties in 3 hrs. I couldn't sit up cause i would get dizzy, or shake, or get nauseas. There were a bunch of clots. There wasn't a lot of cramps or ctx or even pain, but i had taken a hydrocodine when it started. After i used up all the pads i remembered i had some of those blue bed pads from the hospital in the kids closet, that i used when they had tummy issues. I went and got those and started just laying on them. At 3 i texted my dh that i wasn't doing good. I am home alone right now cause he works out of town. After that i got up one more time and i believe i passed the sac, it felt different than all the other clots, and then i think i must have passed out in the bathroom, i was on the floor. When i got back up it was 4 am. I got back in bed on a potty pad the bleeding has slowed considerably.
like i said not a huge amount of pain but all the blood was uncontrollable. Luckily the kids did not wake up, my bathroom looked like a murder scemecause some times i didn't get to the toilet fast enough.
I hope this is over now.
Oh honey that is terrible! I am so sorry you had to do that all on your own and on Mother's Day too. Make sure you monitor your continued blood loss, you may need to go to the ER for hemorrhaging. Passing out was a bad sign, if you at any point feel dizzy, faint or feverish it's time to go to the hospital. Like I said in my first point, don't be "the hero", this is a very serious matter. I hope you see this post, please seek help.
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