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Re: Waiting until a year for solids...?

We've delayed solids, not until a year but my last two babies were 11.5m and 11m when we started giving them solids to play around with. I've never spoon fed a baby, I give them some table food a tray or plate (or directly on the table) and if they get some in their mouths, they eat it; if not, they don't. They go straight from breastmilk only (no bottles or cups) to table food.

We eat a strictly whole-foods diet (vegan for the past 11 years, but will be eating eggs when my chickens start laying), so I feel very comfortable with feeding our table foods as first foods.

They have been absolutely healthy, not even a single runny nose or fever or anything, until WELL after a year old. Growth curve perfectly normal, developmental milestones met or exceeded. No problems at all from getting extra breastmilk.

My thinking about solids is that when they are able to feed themselves actual food (i.e. not purees) then they are ready for solids. If they don't have the coordination to pick up food, get it into their mouths, and then swallow it without gagging, then they are not ready for solids.

Furthermore, I don't concern myself with the amount of solid foods they are or are not getting. However much they manage to feed themselves is the amount they need. As long as they are still nursing, they are insured.
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