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Re: do toddlers scream for no reason?

I've been wondering the same thing to myself. Madison has been screaming just incessantly lately. In the morning, she gets all mad because I am not already up and at her service when she gets up, then at breakfast because I cannot feed her quickly enough, and the rest of the day, it's either I am telling her she can't do something/have something/eat something out of the carpet. She does it the most in the evening, though. A lot of times, I have no idea what is wrong. It grates my nerves like nothing else. I can feel my blood pressure rising when she does this. Gah, I cannot wait for this to be over. It's an awful stage.

My grandmother actually asked me if she had "problems" because she heard the screaming in the background on the phone. She thinks Maddie is mentally retarded because she screams. WTF? LOL. She told me to stop bringing her to the Child Watch at the YMCA when I work out because they must have bumped her head. God. Parenting advice from grandparents is ridiculous. If she was retarded, she would not be meeting all her milestones on time, and already be saying 10-15 words.

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