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Is this forum just warped on my end?

I hadn't logged in for a while, and I came today seeing some pages looking very funny, but I don't see anyone else complaining.

My first clue something was up was this:

when I tried to get latest posts.

PM box looks like this:

And if I try to PM,

Some pages had a start comment tag of HTML <!--
and I also saw on my own posts page "I know..." before the first post that showed up, which could be one of my posts. I don't know.

One thread I tried opening showed no content.

Almost everything is weird for me today.

I'm running FF 3.6.23 for Ubuntu and I have flashblock on but that shouldn't make a difference. I have a feeling there is some code messed up somewhere that is rendering funny on my layout of the site.

Any help to fix this would be much appreciated I can't really participate in this current way.
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