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Originally Posted by katybrunkard
ps: i think what we need to ask ourselves also is WHY we feel guilty... is it because we truly feel that our LO is missing out on something by not getting BM or is it because everyone else is telling us that we MUST BF our children... for me, the guilt was because it was literally drilled into my head prenatally that "breastmilk is best" so I therefore thought that anything else was somehow not "best" for my child. Now, looking back, I so know this to be not true!!! What was best for my LO was a mommy who is now focused on HIM and not my boobs!!!
Well said! I think this is why I still feel guilty too, even though I had a low supply and ended up ff with my first baby too. He's 3 now and healthy as a horse! For me, some of it has to do with the financial worry too, since formula is so darn expensive!

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