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Re: Homebirth mama's check in?

Okay, here we go...

Get-to-know-you questions:
How many births have you had? This will be my 4th baby.
How many (if any) were at home? Or, is this your first planned homebirth? This is my first home birth.
Planning a water birth? Hypnobirth? other comfort methods? I *may* do a water birth, I think my MW has a horse trough she can lend out... but I'm not really set on anything just yet.
Midwife? CNM? CPM? UC? Midwife
Doula? other support? Just my hubby I've learned thought my last two losses that I really am a very private person- I think I would love to do an UA birth, and maybe if I already had a HB under my belt I would be planning one of those this time... I probably won't even call my MW over until the very end.
However, I have a friend who is training to be a doula and she also does photography who has generously offered to photograph my birth for free.

Vaccine/testing? No. And depends on the test, I haven't looked into them all yet- but I'm not really big into that sort of thing anyway... and my pediatrician is a super awesome, crunchy, laid back woman whom I trust a lot- so I'll want to get her opinion before I decide.
What homebirth kit/supplies will you use? .... I suddenly feel very ill prepared. Do I need a "kit"? Lol!
What diaper will you use first? Will you EC? I'll be doing a combination of fitteds and PFs. I found my last DD did MUCH better with only natural fibers so I'm going to start with just that and see how it goes.
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