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Re: Night weaning 19mo help

Hi. I feel your pain! I started night weaning my son around the same age. It didn't take very long once I was committed to it.... He did get sick shortly after it was successful though and we went back to night nursing until he was feeling better and then started the night weaning process again. My son is now 2 years old and has been night weaned for several months.

This is what I did.

First, I didn't let him nurse to sleep at bedtime anymore. (Naptime is a different story. He still only nurses to sleep for his nap So what I did was, let him nurse until I could tell he had drank most or all of it... then popped him off and said, lets lay on the pillow together and sing songs. I would also say these 3 things so he understood. "No more milkies, milkies go bye-bye, milkies all gone." And he would sing songs. For the first few nights he was upset but I stayed there with him and sang to him and rubbed his belly until he would calm down. He would eventually fall asleep. Then if he woke up in the middle of the night to nurse I would say the same thing "no more milkies, milkies go bye-bye, milkies all gone, let's lay on the pillow with mama" and if he was upset I would sing to him or do whatever it took to calm him down while keeping him in bed and with the lights off.

It didn't take long and he stopped trying to nurse at night. He sill co-sleeps with me... but knows when he wakes up that we're not going to nurse so he will snuggle up closer and goes back to sleep quickly.

Hope this helps!
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