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Re: Anyone with 3 or more losses in a row and then success?

Yes here, also. Loss #1 was early, and we grieved, of course, but chalked it up to pure random chance -- early m/c rates are about 1 in 4, they say, after all. Loss #2 was at 14 1/2 weeks, though. Again my OB attributed it to pure random chance -- a chromosomal issue, most likely -- and said the odds against a loss at that stage were so low that the odds of it ever happening again were practically astronomical. When we lost our third at almost exactly the same point in pregnancy as the 2nd, that was a red flag that it was *not* random. At that point we had all of the testing done and found that I have APS, so the next time around, I started baby aspirin while ttc, then progesterone and daily Lovenox injections immediately upon first faint positive hpt. I lost baby #4 too, though, that time at 7 weeks, the day before we were supposed to have a heartbeat check ultrasound.

The 5th time around, my OB put me on Clomid to try to improve egg quality, on the theory that the 2 early losses were likely chromosomal. Everything else we did the same as we did for loss #4. And whether it's the Clomid, or the whole package, or just the sheer grace of God, this time it FINALLY worked. I logged on here today to come share our good news -- I gave birth to our miracle baby, a healthy little boy, on Mother's Day morning

Hang in there, mama. It's *so* tough, having loss after loss after loss, and not knowing what to do. The only thing that kept me going was taking them one at a time, and asking myself each time, 'Can I bear just ONE more loss, for the chance of a healthy child?' Each time the answer was still yes, so we kept trying. I wouldn't wish the emotional roller coaster of the past few years on anyone, but I'm so grateful now that we kept trying despite everything.
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