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Knitting Needles, Buttons, Fabric, Books, Patterns +++

8/6- Updated the albums from a few sales.
Please don't forget that I'm willing to trade!
Thanks for looking!

7/11- I've updated the picassa albums with what has sold. I hope to put more up over the next week or two. (If I don't have my baby before then! )

I have a lot of fabric, buttons, trimming, knitting misc., etc.

Please take a look at the links below and feel free to ask any questions. Some have all the info, others have none- I will add the info if I have any inquiries.

I am planning to periodically post more stuff (eg zippers, buttons, more trimming, fabric and yarn, knitting needles etc.), so come and check back often! Furthermore, you can ask if I happen to have something- I hardly even know what I have down there!

*Many of the fabrics/trimming are still on the bolt/tube, but have been in storage and have a storage smell. The prices reflect the condition.

*I have lots of zippers- For 200+ it'll be $25+ shipping, or if you want less or more or a trade please pm me. EDIT: for FRE with 50 zippers= $12.65 ppd

*I am open to negotiations and trades. Trades mainly: girl/neutral fitteds and diaper covers (not flips) for 20 lbs+ and gender neutral infant fitteds/ pfs and covers- EUC or new.

*Once you have 'placed your order', please make payment within 2 business days. I will not cut or package till receive payment. I will then mail it out within 2 business days, unless otherwise stated.

*Shipping is not included in the pricing. Please pm or post your zip and I will tell you an approximate shipping cost- I will not know until all is packaged, after payment received. Just as an fyi- I try to use FRB and FRE, but will use other packaging if possible.


Buttons and Notions etc.
Knitting Stuff
Patterns and Books
Trimming etc.

***NOTE: Just mentioning that I am posting it in other forums as well. In addition, selling through CL and ebay- so, please let me know asap if you are interested in a particular item.

Thanks for looking!!

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