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Re: Anybody ever feel guilty about not BF?

Originally Posted by treegirl75 View Post
Well said! I think this is why I still feel guilty too, even though I had a low supply and ended up ff with my first baby too. He's 3 now and healthy as a horse! For me, some of it has to do with the financial worry too, since formula is so darn expensive!

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I get that too. It's hard sometimes knowing you're spending what seems like a gazillion dollars on formula. But just think of how much you're saving by doing cloth diapers Makes up the difference in my opinion (hehe)

We have to stop being so hard on ourselves. Easier said than done I know - but geez - everytime I look at my babes face all I can think of now is "wow - he really could care LESS where his food is coming from...he just loves me no matter what!!"
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