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Re: Anybody ever feel guilty about not BF?

I definitely felt guilty at first when I couldn't BF my older girls. I was convinced that breastmilk was the best thing on earth and that formula was poison. Then my DD1 was born and I didn't produce milk for her and she was hospitalized at 6 days old because she was so dehydrated and had lost so much weight. I felt guilty for doing that to her, but at the same time I felt guilty for giving her formula even though it is what she needed to survive. I experienced the same feelings with DD2 and then I had DS1 and tried everything under the sun to produce any milk I could (which was VERY little). I then realized that I was not destined to be a BFing mama no matter what I did and while it took some time, I eventually got over it. I do occasionally feel some sadness about it, I'm not going to lie. But it has nothing to do with me thinking I am doing my kids wrong by feeding them formula.

I've now watched my FF children grow up and blossom into the intelligent Kindergartner whose classmates and teacher adore her, the funny and out-going pre-Kindergartner who makes everyone laugh at the drop of a hat, the gentle giant pre-schooler who loves to take care of his baby brothers, the loveable toddler who once was a little preemie but grew thanks to formula, and the smiling/cooing infant who loves to giggle at his siblings. Let me tell you, when your LOs get to be 5-6 years old, nobody knows how you fed them and nobody cares. I cannot look at the students in either one of my DDs' classes and know who was BF'd and who was FF'd. Each child has grown and developed into their own person regardless of how they were fed as an infant. All that really mattered was that they were well cared for and loved, which allowed them to grow and develop in the first place. That is the most important thing!
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