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I paired down. I'll have to take pics.

Home stash:
128 Dyed/Embellished Flats
27 Fitteds - GMs, DE, Bumstoppers, Chelory, Firefly, VB
A hoard of wool

Work Stash:
6 BG Artist Prints Pockets
9 BG Bamboo Fitteds, L
1 Econobum Cover

Sent from iPhone which is out to get me for some reason that is unbeknownst to me. ISO YN Munki Sushi, AhMay sets, Small BG AIOs in twilight, grasshopper, ribbit, clementine
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IDSO: Noro Sekku in Citrus, Lilac, Sand. Please.
ISO: BG sized AIOS in working condition AND Imagine Flats in Tree Friends print.
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