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Re: If you vaccinate your kids, does it bother you when other people dont?

Originally Posted by songbird516 View Post
Last I read, the majority of whooping cough cases in California were in the vaxed population?
I am quoting myself from the last post that talked about the number of incidence of disease in a vaxed v unvaxed population

When people say that more people get a disease that are vaxed than not vaxed, the statement is meaningless. It's like comparing the purchase of oranges and dragonfruit in central Ohio. Every store in central Ohio is going to have oranges for sale, but finding a dragonfruit is much more difficult. So, obviously more oranges are bought in central Ohio. But, given how many oranges there are and how few dragonfruit there are, it may well be that every dragonfruit in Ohio is purchased while a very small percentage of all oranges are purchased.

No vaccine is effective for 100% of the people. Most people are vaccinated, so there are actually more people walking around who have been vaccinated who are in that small percent of people who don't gain immunity than there are people who are unvaccinated. However, nearly 100% of the unvaccinated people are at risk for the disease, while a very small percent of vaccinated people are at risk. Basically, if you put 100 vaccinated people and one unvaccinated in a room with a whole lot of pertussis bacteria, the unvaccinated person has almost a 100% chance of contracting the disease, while only 15 or so of the vaccinated people will get it. Sure, if you say that 15 vaccinated people got the disease and only 1 unvaccinated got it, it sounds pretty bad. But, when you look at the meaninful data - 100% of the unvaccinated got the disease while only 15% of the vaccinated got it. From 100% down to 15% is a huge decrease in odds.
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