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Re: Is this baby cute or not?

Thanks for all of the responses. I think modeling a baby (or child) is fine if the mom keeps it in perspective. And if the child ever wants to stop, the mom should respect that. A 12 month old does not know that she is working. I agree with 2lilmonkeys on this 100%-they can think it is just fun. If you can start a college fund for your little one, go for it! This baby was signed with an agency on Friday. To list with them was free but there was an $89 fee for the web and book(which you don't have to choose to do). This agency and several others were looked into before making a decision. I found out that it is common for agencies to charge a fee for the web and book and they weren't neccessarily scams. They just want to make sure that models are serious about the business...don't know exactly how to explain it but if it is free to do everything, more people would be interested and trying to get in. Some of those people would then be not reliable because they don't take it seriously and have nothing vested. I could be wrong but after calling an agency that had no intrest in babies and talking with her for a while about babies, I completely understood. She had no reason to lie to me cuz I had nothing she wanted-they were looking for older kids. With that said, I do still think that free agancies are out there-we just couldn't find any close to home. This momma would rather pay the $89 fee for now then have to drive into a big city all of the time for potential jobs (from a free agency). I'll let you know if she gets any jobs. The agent said that they look for babies more when it's closer to Christmas (they need models for the Christmas clothes). Thanks again everyone!
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