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Re: If you vaccinate your kids, does it bother you when other people dont?

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
No, but I wish they would.

A thought recently occurred to me regarding chicken pox (younger two are not vaccinated against it) and shingles. I've gotten the impression that since the chicken pox vaccine, there have been more outbreaks of shingles in younger people than usual. The idea is that since kids aren't getting the actual disease, people who have had it aren't getting their immunity boosters from being around kids that have it and are more likely to get a case of shingles.

So it seems like a bad idea to vaccinate since shingles are going up.


All the kiddies getting vaccinated now can't get shingles because they won't have had the chicken pox. Once these kids grow up there won't be a need for natural boosters to avoid shingles. The generations who did have the virus will slowly pass away. The next generations will continue to be vaccinated and chicken pox-and ultimately shingles-free.
I am reconsidering the chicken pox vaccine.
Unfortunately, my understanding is that this is not the case. The varicella vaccine is an attenuated vaccine and just like after a case of chicken pox, the child will have the virus dormant in their system and it can be activated in the form of shingles. My understanding is that the little research that has been completed seems to show that vaccinated people are less likely than those who had the virus to contract shingles. If this turns out to be the case over time both chicken pox and shingles will become more and more rare, but because a person can contract chicken pox from shingles, I think this disease is less likely than some to be eliminated entirely - at least not without much higher rates of vaccination over a much greater time period.
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