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Originally Posted by 3rockstars
Congratulations! That's wonderful. I actually have a situation that's similar weirdly enough. My exhusband and I were married for several years, separated, divorced, and we've been dating for the last few months. It's just so strange I don't know what to think of it. The love never left. The marriage and the relationship needed SO much work and we gave up too fast and regretted it. And strangely enough, our relationship still has many many obstacles but it's so much stronger this time around. Proof positive that if you love each other enough and want it badly enough, you can overcome nearly anything.
This happened to us. We weren't married though. I love him today more than ever. Right now we don't live together cause when we left eachother he went to Ohio for work. But we will be moving back in together when the school year is over. We are planning our wedding too.
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