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Re: What are your cravings and aversions?

I'm sensitive to most dairy and lactose intolerant. With DD I craved greasy fast food nachos! I never gave in to that one, because I knew I'd be miserable. I was able to kinda placate the craving with non-diary "chreeze" sauce from the health food store and a lot of goat milk yogurt.

I hadn't eaten at a fast-food place in years, and around the 5th month I started craving french fries, BAD. I blame that one for the 20+ pounds that stuck with me after DD was born.

For aversions, anything smoky-smelling made me want to puke. We live near the "BBQ Capital of Texas" and every time I had to drive through town I had to hold my breath. Burning brush would also trigger the same reaction. Vegetables that were raw or cooked with any sort of bite left in them would make me throw up in the 1st trimester (got over that one, thankfully).
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