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Re: Tell me about Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil

Originally Posted by Connor View Post
My DS takes the fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend from green pastures. And we have succussfully healed his tooth decay. He actually loves the taste of it and takes it right off of the spoon
I'm so glad that you posted this! Do you give the unflavored version, or a flavored version? And did you change your son's diet as well, or just add in the FCLO/Butter oi? We are on a pretty healthy regiment here, but wondering if I need to cut out grains completely for awhile.
I ordered the chocolate blend- and I'm a little worried I paid so much for something that my children will refuse. But I will be taking some too- so not all is lost no matter what the outcome. I really wanted the cinnamon, but my boys aren't lovers of cinnamon.
Should arrive tomorrow! Excited to give this a try.
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