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Originally Posted by chameleon607

I'm so glad that you posted this! Do you give the unflavored version, or a flavored version? And did you change your son's diet as well, or just add in the FCLO/Butter oi? We are on a pretty healthy regiment here, but wondering if I need to cut out grains completely for awhile.
I ordered the chocolate blend- and I'm a little worried I paid so much for something that my children will refuse. But I will be taking some too- so not all is lost no matter what the outcome. I really wanted the cinnamon, but my boys aren't lovers of cinnamon.
Should arrive tomorrow! Excited to give this a try.
He likes both the unflavored and the chocolate. I cut out almost all grains, rice, and nuts. We've done/are doing ozone therapy, cell salts, mi paste, xylitol, and pascalite clay. Lol.
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