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Re: My Very Best cloth diapers with gussets: Fitteds and AIO/AI2/Pockets

I am so thankful when customers take time to review my work. Thank you so much, Lindsay! I am glad to hear you like your new diapers. Whenever you are ready for more, just let me know.
I am booked till the middle of July and going to take a break after that till the end of August. We have a couple of family events planned. So any time from September.

Christy, your trainers will cost you about $30 if you want it Bob the Builder or The Cars themed. I do not think I have either of the fabrics, so it will have to be an applique.
It would be possible to make them look like underwear but I'd need to know more details.
Again, I won't be able to start till September. So if your little man still needs trainers by then, I'll be happy to make them for you.
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