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Little vent about constant comments at work

Thanks in advance for letting me vent

I was due with my first on Wednesday but she hasn't arrived yet which is no big deal. I feel fine and have been coming into work to keep myself busy and off of the couch. The constant comments from my colleagues are driving me crazy though! Every freaking day for the past few weeks people stop in my doorway and say "YOU'RE STILL HERE?!?!" and other various comments about my body and pregnancy. I get remarks from people who are amazed that I can walk up the stairs. I admit that I already had a bit of a chip on my shoulder about people regarding pregnancy as a disability and being shocked that pregnant women can still exercise, but walking up some stairs? Give me a break! I realize they mean well, but I can't how they don't mind sounding like broken records. I'm going to start working from home or elsewhere next week - I have much sympathy for moms who can't escape from their workplaces.

That's all!
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