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Re: Little vent about constant comments at work

Originally Posted by wordmama View Post
Just make yourself a t-shirt that says "yes, I'm still pregnant and I feel great. Please be aware that if you have anything else to say about my shape or state, I may wrestle you to the ground."

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lol. i need one too!

but i totally get it. i know people are just trying to make conversation and be nice. and frankly, everyone's excited about a new baby! but i've been getting the "what are you still doing here?!?" comments for like a month now. i'm still a week away from my due date. seriously people?! it gets old. every friday i leave and as i walk out, every.single.person goes "see you on monday!.......or will i?" as if it's the most original, hilarious, comment ever. at least you can escape next week and work from home. no such luck here. *sigh*
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