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Re: May 2011 Mamas - May chat! Happy Birthday!

Hi everyone!

I have been totally bogged down (and still am) but thought I'd pop in here for a few minutes to see what's going on.

Justine - I've always thought about starting a blog too. But I'm not keen on sharing so much of our family life. I have a lot of opinions about things and would love to share, but we don't put pictures of our son online (I've gotten a lot of crap from in-laws about telling them NOT to put pictures of DS on Facebook. "But it's the only way I get to see him!" Really? The ONLY way? YOU ONLY LIVE 5 MINUTES AWAY. That's a whole different rant....)

However, I love reading blogs! I use an app on my phone that updates me. Favorites are: (waldorf/natural living) (waldorf) (waldorf) (house diy remodely type stuff) (mayim bialik's blog - I'm not jewish but I adore her)

There are others but they're mostly silly jokey ones that make me laugh when I need that (which is all the time!!)

I am so busy and stressed. I've been cleaning the house like crazy in prep for my mom flying in and staying with us tomorrow. Prepping for DS's birthday party on Sunday. Prepping for more family house guests next Friday. PACKING FOR OUR 1 WEEK ALASKAN CRUISE NEXT SATURDAY. So excited. Can't wait to go on vacation.

On top of dealing with all that, DS either has allergies or a cold. I can't tell. He's in good spirits but he is having a hard time sleeping because of his stuffy nose. Which means I'm having a hard time sleeping. I wish he would cuddle up in bed like he used to but now if I try and bring him to bed he just gets excited and wants to play.

So, awhile back I switched from washing my face with typical face wash stuff to doing the oil cleansing method (which I love! equal parts olive oil and castor oil and a few drops of tea tree oil.) And now I'm attempting to go shampoo free. I haven't washed my hair in a couple of weeks. Supposedly when you wash your hair your body overcompensates and produces MORE oil, so you have to keep shampooing. When you stop shampooing your hair keeps producing that amount of oil and so there is a "transition" period. Which I still am in. I don't mind the "fake" dread dirty hair look, but I'm hoping it works and my hair stops being so oily soon! I did get this dry shampoo from Lush and I love the way it smells so at least I don't SMELL like I have dirty hair
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