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Re: i HATE my stepsons bio mom!

I don't get along with step sons bio mom either. She is terrible. She refuses to let dh see ds, because he is married to me. The court order is for every other weekend, but we aren't in the state anymore, so we cant enforce it (because we aren't there!). She says he is being a bad parent because he doesn't see ds, yet won't let him come here. She did let him come during Christmas break, but then said she's never going to let him come again because I'm a horrible person (which is crazy! She's the one with a record, former drug addict, etc) Dh is going to file to have visitation changed. She also would not let her son be in our wedding because it didn't fall on dh's visitation weekend (we were in the state at the time). I have asked her many times to please let's all be adults and ALL get along for his best interest, but she tells me I'm not his mom, and I'm not important to him, and I mean nothing. She doesn't even care that he has sisters
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