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Re: Megaroos! MODS pretty please *STICKY* this thread

Originally Posted by Bethany89 View Post
Are these the infant sized? I am thinking about getting some infant sized ones for my newbie due in July..

I used to use these for my DD but found that they were hard to keep snappi'd... so I sold them lol but she isn't showing signs of PLing and I think the Premiums would still fit.. is there a trick to making a snappi work or are the Boingos better? Pins are outta the question lol I SUCK even after 2 years of trying. Do the Au Naturel and Colorsplash snappi better?
Yes, these are the infant size. I do think the au naturel ones snappi better, because of the little bitty loops on the bamboo baby terry, that is the reason that I just ordered more of that kind, plus I love the natural/more simplistic look of them. The colorsplash don't snappi at all so you have to either pin them or order them with snaps. I personally don't want snaps because I love the fit you get with a snappi. Oh and I do find that with some of the knit fabrics, the Boingo works better because it's usually the lower prongs of the snappi that I have trouble with it grabbing (probably because of the direction of the weave of the knit fabric) and I can get a one Boingo (the older one that is bigger) but that is because it's big enough to grab both tabs and the diaper is still big enough on my LO that the tabs really overlap and touch. Not sure if it would work that way with a smaller fit. If that all makes sense.
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