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Working over the Summer.

My current job is part-time. It was great for when I was taking classes and didn't have a set schedule to work every day. I could go in after class was over and work until the office closed. The downside was the commute, but I managed the commute every day. It's about 6-8 dollars a day to take the Metro to and from DC. I was making that money while working, so I wasn't concerned about it. It just took an hour to get there and home.
And the best part, my daughter, J, was in school, so I only had to find someone to watch her 2-4 hours a day to put her on the bus 4 days a week and watch her after school.

Summer is coming up. I am looking for a program to put J in during the day. I think that I am too late in doing this. I should have been looking around March, but I was busy with school.

I don't think that working part-time with an hour long commute both ways is going to cut it over the summer, but neither is NOT working. I'm a single mom and I still have bills to pay.
I know that if I get a job closer, I'll take a pay cut by at least 1.50 an hour. I'll probably have to work more hours, which is fine, but it won't be as flexible as my current job especially when next semester starts.
It just seems like that is my only option right now: Look for another job closer to home while continuing working at my current job.
Maybe I just need help thinking about my options for what to do with my daughter over the summer. The good thing is I can work 3-4 days and spend the other days with her.

I think this was just a rant, but it feels good to get it out of my system.
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