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Re: Relief from terrible Vericose Veins during Pregnancy?

Originally Posted by Mummandherboys View Post
Okay, so tell me exacally what you bought Mama... this seems like what I will need forsure! Is it the same one that one of the mamas in an earlier post linked to? Please tell me where you got yours/size/details... my crotch area is always the worst too
I'm glad it's working for you!!

Do you also wear any support hose or anything for your legs?
I bought the one that was linked in this thread after reading reviews on Amazon. According to weight, I was a small, but I got a medium based on some reviews. I am glad I did because small would not have fit. My legs aren't too bad and it is too hot in VA for support hose so I don't wear them. I think it also helps with the pressure from the baby's head on your pelvis.

Good luck!
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