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Re: Vasectomy - anyone's partner have bad side effects?

Originally Posted by tibeca View Post
While the risk of those complications is generally small, after talking about it, DH and I realize that we are better off doing nothing permanent. The possible risk (even if very minimal) was too much for us. Those % risks are low unless you're the one with the problem, KWIM?
Yeah, that's what I said to DH. With all the conflicting information I'm reading, it's easy to say 'well the risk is going to be minimal IF there's a risk'.... But if you're the small percentage that suffers complications, then that's EVERYTHING.

There are lots of reasons I shouldn't really get pregnant again though and I would much prefer something permanent... I also don't want to put my body through anything else, but I don't want DH to suffer bad side effects 'for me' iykwim? I have a latex sensitivity and hate condoms because they rub me raw (even with a ton of lube...). I wish there were more options for men!

I was just wondering if anyone had any first hand experience with complications of vasectomy, as most women on here, whose partner has had the big V say it went fine, no issues...
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