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Re: Vasectomy - anyone's partner have bad side effects?

Originally Posted by KaleidoscopeEyes View Post
ex didnt have any issues. they only cauterized one side and left the other to spill into the body. they said this would create anti bodies against the sperm thus preventing any chance of failure.
My DH had antisperm antibodies...the RE who did our IVF after six years of infertility diagnosed it and showed DH in the microscope how they knew (I was fresh out of egg retrieval, so I only got this from DH, but I consider him a pretty reliable source of info about his own swimmers.) We were told IVF was pretty much our only option for having babies.

Instead, after DD2 was born due to that IVF, we were surprised with a positive pg test all on our own after her 1st birthday. That little one is now 20 months old, and I am 18 weeks into ANOTHER surprise pregnancy.

I only post that to note that antisperm antibodies aren't any sort guarantee against pregnancy.
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