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Re: Homebirth mama's check in?

Originally Posted by Sageac View Post
I wonder if I am the only one on this thread hoping to have a home-birth? I am doubtful, cause there are many mamas here, so statistically there should be a few of us. I wonder about how *you* do it...

Get-to-know-you questions:
How many births have you had?
How many (if any) were at home? Or, is this your first planned homebirth?
Planning a water birth? Hypnobirth? other comfort methods?
Midwife? CNM? CPM? UC?
Doula? other support?
What homebirth kit/supplies will you use?
What diaper will you use first? Will you EC?
Hi!! I'm brand new here, so haven't done an intro, but your post caught my eye

I've had 7 births so far. 5 were at home, I'm planning homebirth #6.
I've never done a waterbirth. My labours are so hard, fast, and unpredictable that I don't think there would be time to get warm water in a pool, LOL!
Midwife, that's it.
No vaccines, meds, testing
I've never really needed any special supplies. Just a yogourt container for the placenta, and ratty old dipes for pads immediately after, towels, chux pads.
I've done EC before, but with all these kids and their activities & homeschooling, frankly I can't give the babies that sort of close attention. Sounds bad, but it's the way it is. I just use prefolds because that's what I have, LOL. I guess if I hang around here long enough, I'll end up buying some more interesting dipes .
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