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Re: Homebirth mama's check in?

I am planning my second UP/UC . I'll answer the questions

How many births have you had?
This is my fourth birth. First two were vaginal hospital births. Last baby was a breech (surprise!) UC.

How many (if any) were at home? Or, is this your first planned homebirth?
I had my last baby at home. This will be my second planned UC.

Planning a water birth? Hypnobirth? other comfort methods?
Most likely a water birth/hypnobirth. That's what I had last time and it was a wonderful, pain free birth (no joke!)

Midwife? CNM? CPM? UC?

Doula? other support?
Most likely one or two Doulas. My husband is an awesome support, so I'm not sure yet. It's nice having someone supportive there to help after the birth.

no vaccines, testing is required by law here no exemption, so we go to hospital lab in first two weeks

What homebirth kit/supplies will you use?
Mine is fairly simple. Gloves (for hubby to check me), a few towels, birth pool and supplies, umbilical cord clip (I might use braided string this time), scissors, birth/postpartum herbs and tinctures, and absorbant bed pads (for sitting on couch/in bed after birth), hat/gown/blanket for baby, postpartum pads, Pan for placenta (I use a little pink plastic tub they bathed my babies in at the hospital).

What diaper will you use first? Will you EC?

I really like Kissaluvs size 0 with the umbilical cord snapdown and a cover. They work really well for newborns.
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