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Re: Knitting Needles, Buttons, Fabric, Books, Patterns +++

I hope knibert will read this bec. your pm box is full...

Glad you were able to sell the flips! I've actually not been too happy with mine, so I'm thinking of selling them too...

Anyway, on to your question: just as an fyi- none of the prices included shipping and the least expensive item would be free
holder- 1.75 (free)
dpns x2- 8
crochet hook- size G is $6, size H is $2... which were you thinking of?
velocity x3- 9.35
totals: with G= 23.35 OR with H= 19.35
plus actual shipping.

So, I understand you are negotiating on the price... just thinking... ... How about I check how much the shipping would be on these items and get back to you? Can you just send me your zip please?

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